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Bio: The Preacher's Wife In my writing I have taken on the schtick of substituting harem for church/congregation. This has two purposes, 1. To advertise my commentary The Song of Song; Life in the harem of God. ( I have bills to pay too) 2. To make my readers realize that they belong to the King and are not their own. To many today think that God belongs to them. I want my readers to realize that the King of the Universe wants to have an intimate and fulfilling relationship with them. That if one spends all their time out in the harem they will never become intimate with their King. One must leave the harem behind and go into the King’s chambers alone [Song 1:4]. Then He will embrace you individually, then He will take you to the heights of ecstasy. Yet the watchmen i.e. clergymen are very uneasy about the Song of Songs. It is after all an erotic love poem. They are afraid that God didn’t know what He was doing when He had Solomon write it. Even in the poem itself indicates that the watchman are no help in finding the Beloved. But the other ladies of the harem rejoices when one more Shulamite finds her way into the chamber.

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